The Qadariyya and Mu`tazila

[17] A nearly-mass-narrated (mashhur) hadith narrated from eight Companions by Abu Dawud, Tabarani, al-Hakim in al-Mustadrak (1:85), Ahmad in the Musnad, Bayhaqi, al-Bazzar, Bukhari in his Tarikh, al-Lalika’i, Ibn `Asakir, and others. Also established as authentic is the longer version narrated from Ibn `Umar whereby the Prophet said: “Every Community has its Zoroastrians, and the Zoroastrians of my Community are those who say there is no Decree (qadar). If they fall sick do not visit them, and if they die do not pray over them.” Al-Qari cited five others hadiths against them in his commentary of Abu Hanifa’s Musnad. [18] See al-Juwayni’s al-Irshad ila Qawati` al-Adilla fi Usul al-I`tiqad (“The Guidance to the Definitive Proofs Concerning the Foundations of Belief”), chapter entitled “The Blame of the Qadariyya” (p. 224-225).

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