The seventh path to be read on Sunday

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad in the rotation of the celestial bodies, in the overshadowing of darkness and in the glorifying of angels.

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad just as You blessed our master Abraham, and sanctify our master Muhammad just as You sanctified our master Abraham in all the worlds, for You are indeed the Praiseworthy, the Mighty.

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad in the rising sun, in the performing of the five daily prayers, in lightning which strikes in the falling rain and in the pealing of the thunder.

O Allah bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad to the fullness of the heavens and the earth and to the fullness of whatever is between them and to the fullness of whatever You may have created elsewhere.

O Allah, as he bore the responsibility of the Message, delivered creation from ignorance, struggled against the people of unbelief and errors, called to Your Unity, endured hardships in guiding Your slaves. Then grant him, O Allah, his wishes, fulfil his hopes, and give him the Closest Access, the Pre-eminence, the Lofty Rank, and send him to the Most Praised Station which You promised him, for You never renege on a promise.

O Allah, make us the followers of his law, those known for their love of him, those guided by his guidance and life, and have us die following his way, and do not deny us the favour of his intercession, and resurrect us among his followers, those shining with light, his foremost companions, the companions of the right hand, O Most Merciful of the Merciful.

O Allah bless Your angels, Your archangels, Your Prophets and Your Messengers, all the people obedient to You, and may our asking for such blessings be a mercy for us.

O Allah, bless our master Muhammad, the Envoy from Tihama, the Commander and Upholder of justice, the Intercessor for the people of sin on the courtyards of the Day of Resurrection.

O Allah, send to our Prophet, our Advocate and our Beloved, on our behalf, the finest blessings and peace, and send him to the Most Praised and Noble Station, and grant him the Pre-eminence, the Closest Access and the Lofty Rank which You have promised him on the Great Day of Standing.

And bless him, O Allah, with blessings eternal, continual, continuous and everlasting.

O Allah, bless him and his family in the lightning which strikes, in the day which dawns, in the night which obscures and in the rain which pours.

And bless him and his family to the fullness of the Tablet and the Cosmos, and in the every star in the sky and in every raindrop and in every stone, and bless him and his family with blessings innumerable and incalculable.

O Allah, bless him in the decoration of Your Throne, to the full extent of Your Pleasure, in the Ink of Your Words and to the bounds of Your Mercy.

O Allah, bless him and his family, his wives and his descendants, and sanctify him and his family, his wives and descendants just as You blessed and sanctified our master Abraham and he family of our master Abraham, for You are indeed Praiseworthy, Mighty.

And reward him, on our behalf, better than You have rewarded any Prophet on behalf of his nation, and place us among those guided by the way of his law, guide us through his guidance, have us pass away following his religion, and resurrect us on the Day of the Greatest Terror among the faithful in his company and have us die loving him and loving his family, his companions and his descendants.

O Allah. Bless our master Muhammad, the Finest of Your Prophets, the Noblest of Your Friends, the Leader of Your Saints, the Seal of Your Prophets the Beloved of the Lord of the Worlds, the Witness for the Messengers, the Advocate of the sinners, the Master of all the Children of Adam, the one mentioned highly among the Highest Angels, the Newbringer, the Warner, the Shining Lamp, the Truthful One, the Trustworthy One, the Clear Truth, the Compassionate and Merciful One, the Guide to the Straight Path and to whom You granted the Seven Oft-mentioned verses and the Mighty QurÂ’an, the Prophet of Mercy, the Guide of the Nation, the First to upon whom the earth breathed and the First to enter the Garden, the One supported by our master Gabriel and our master Michael, the One announced in the Torah and in the Gospel, the Chosen One, the Elected One, the Selected One, Farther of Qasim, our Master Muhammad, son of Abdullah, son of AbdulMuttalib, son of Hashim.

O Allah, bless Your highest angles who glorify you ceaselessly , night and day, and who never disobey Allah in what He has ordered and who carry out what they have been ordered to do.

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