The Kullabiyya

Shaykh Abd al-Qadir Jilani


The Kullabiyya trace their name and origin to a certain Abu `Abdi’llah ibn Kullab, who used to profess the doctrine that the Attributes [sifat] of Allah are neither pre-existent from all eternity [qadima] nor brought into being in time [muhdatha]. He would always insist: “I do not say that His attributes are He [sifatuhu hiya Huwa], nor that they are other than He [wa la hiya ghairuhu].”

According to Abu `Abdi’llah ibn Kullab, the significance of istiwa‘ [lit., setting oneself straight, i.e., the expression usually translated: “has firmly established Himself”] is simply the negation of crookedness [i`wija]. This refers to the saying of Allah (Exalted is He):The All-Merciful has firmly established Himself upon the Throne [ar-Rahmanu `ala’l-`arshi ‘stawa]. (20:5)

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