ASFA Affiliations

ASFA-affiliated Centers & Institutions

As-Sunnah Foundation of America is honored to be connected to very prominent associate and affiliate organizations through whose connections it is has access to the highest level of Islamic scholarship and academic credentials. The following list describes some of these affiliate organizations:

azhar.jpg (27536 bytes) Al-Azhar al-Sharif – the most-honored Azhar University

The oldest institution, al-Azhar has been teaching traditional Islam for over 1000 years. Established in Cairo, Egypt, in 972 AD, ISCA and ASFA are honored to have excellent ties with this ancient institution of classical learning.

MUIS_LOGO.JPG (21597 bytes)Majlis Ugama Singapura – The Islamic Council of Singapore

MUIS‘ goal is “Towards a Muslim Community of Excellence.” Their mission in serving the Muslim community of Singapore is to fullfil the roles of the supreme Islamic authority of Singapore and to guide in the building of an exemplary Muslim community.

Idara Minhaj ul Quran

The Idara Minhaj ul Quran was founded to give a full education at the world-class university level to students of ‘uloom ash-shari’ah. Based in Lahore , Pakistan, its faculty includes some of the top scholars of Islam. Its students number around 5,000 and it gives a level up to Master’s Degree in Shari’ah, Islamic Education, Hadith, Fiqh, Ifta’, Hifz al-Quran, tajweed, and tafseer. They give degrees in standard academic education as well, in parallel with the Islamic Sciences.

Idara Minhaj ul-Quran

365 M. Modeltown Road



Tel: 586 8757

fax: 586 0184

President: Mawlana Dr. Tahir al-Qadri

Daar ul-Ehsaan

Dedicated to providing vital information about Islam, of interest to every Muslim who wishes to experience the bliss of

Peace, Tranquillity and Harmony that Allah the Almighty has guaranteed to those who practice willing Submission to His Eternal, Kind,

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