Descent of the Light of Muhammad

Verily, when Allah Almighty intended to create the most noble of all the sons of Adam (as), He spoke to Jibra’il (as), the trustworthy angel, ordering him to bring a sufficient quantity of clay from the purest and most exalted place, the “heart of the earth”. Jibra’il (as), being the highest in command of the sublime heavenly assembly, descended down to earth, and took a handful of clay from the site of what is now the Holy Prophet’’s (s) fragrant resting place, as there can be no better place on earth than this site, and the clay was white and shining.

He then took this bit of clay and mixed it with the waters of the river Tasneem which flows in Paradise. He formed something akin to a white pearl. Subsequently, the pearl was dipped into all the various rivers and streams of Paradise and endowed with their outstanding properties and it shone with a brilliant light. The angels then circumambulated that lighted substance around the Throne, al-`‘Arsh and the Footstool, al-Kursee, and in the all seven layers of the heavens and the earth, the mountains and the oceans, amid showers of praise and glorification it was made known to all dwellers of Heaven and earth that this substance had found acceptance and high honor in the Divine Presence, and they knew it was our master Muhammad (s) and he was honored before Adam (as) was even known.

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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