Classifications of Martyrs

18. “Whoever falls passionately in love (`ashiqa) but remains chaste and keeps his love secret then dies, dies a shaheed.” Narrated by al-Hakim and others. The hafiz Mughultay said: “Its chain is like the sun, there is not the least doubt over its soundness whatsoever.”

19. “Whoever dies the night before Jumu`ah or the day of Jumu`ah will be spared the punishment of the grave; and he shall come on the Day of Resurrection bearing the stamp of martyrs.” Abu Nu`aym from Jabir but the most authentic part is the first part.

20. “The rider who dies thrown off by his mount is a shaheed.” Al-Tabarani.

21. “The one who speaks to a tyrannical leader and commands and forbids him, then the latter kills him–he is a shaheed.” Al-Hakim.

22. “The muezzin who expects reward is like the bloodied shaheed and when he dies and is buried the worms leave him alone.” Al-Tabarani.

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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