Shaykh Hisham 1st Response

However, that doesn’t mean we are not going to answer the six questions. Insha-Allah, on our own schedule we will be glad to know you and to extend our hand to you as scholars and to support the work of daw’ah. Because that is our aim–to be unified and not to argue on issues which are of no benefit. And insha-Allah later we will be answering these six questions at our leisure, as we are currently extremely busy preparing for the upcoming convention.

You mentioned in your c.v. that you have graduated from al-Azhar, which means that you are Azhari, i.e. you received your degree from al-Azhar. In the Arabic way of speaking, you are Azhari, i.e. you have titled yourself to that school and we have titled ourselves to the school that we have learned from, and that is why we say that we are Salafi. And you said that you have been involved in daw’ah around the world and in many countries and you have been active for 19 years in the US and active in the prisons and we are very happy to hear that about you.

And we mention to you, as we mentioned to you before, we would like to extend our hand to you to be “kal bunyan al-marsus”–“like a solid edifice” and we hope we can fall under Allah’s khitab:

“wa’atasim bi-hablillahi jami’an wa laa tafaraqu” “hold fast all together to the rope of Allah and do not separate.”

(Aali-‘Imraan, 103)

Sincerely, your brother in Islam,

–Shaykh Hisham Mohammed Kabbani

Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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