Visiting the Grave of the Prophet (s)

Bukhari in his book relates: God has cursed Christians and Jews as they took their prophet’s graves as mosque. “If such practices were not there”, `A’isha (r) said, “people would bring out their prophet but I am afraid lest the grave is taken as mosque.”

Muslim in his book “Sahih” quotes the Prophet (s) as saying: “Those who lived before you were taking their prophets’ and pious persons graves as mosques. Be aware not to take graves as mosques. I strictly prohibit you from doing this.”

Ahmad quotes the Holy Prophet praying: “O God, Thou may not let my grave be an idol worshipped.”

The Hujra (room) of Prophet (s) since `A’isha’s (r) time was shut closed instead of being of open access.

Hadrat `A’isha (r) said the above before the mosque was enlarged. When it was enlarged she made her room [i.e. Prophet’s room] triangular-shaped so that no-one could pray towards the grave while facing the qibla, specifically heeding the warning in the hadiths. Thus she allowed the inclusion of the Hujrat-is-sa’adah within the mosque, by preventing it from being opened and being made part of the mosque.

In sum: 1. `A’isha (r) blocked access to the grave so that no-one might pray at the grave-site, heeding the warnings of the Prophet (s). 2. The Companions’ enlargement made it physically possible to face the qibla and the grave at one and the same time while inside the mosque. However: 3. `A’isha (r) re-oriented her room and eliminated any confusion so that it might not be feasible to pray while facing the grave.

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Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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