Ibn `Arabi’s `Aqida


Shaykh Muhyi al-Din Ibn ‘Arabi  His Teachers Concerning al-Khidr His Doctrine (‘Aqîda) His Rank of Mujtahid Mutlaq The Controversy Surrounding Him Al-Suyuti’s Response to al-Biqa‘i Ibn ‘Arabi’s Admirers Wahda al-Wujûd or Oneness of Being Ibn Taymiyya’s Unreliability Other Critics of Ibn ‘Arabi Al-Haytami’s Response The Ethics of the Mufti in Casting Judgment Al-Dhahabi’s Warning to Critics of Sufis Hadith “Whoso shows enmity to one of My Friends” Some of Ibn ‘Arabi’s Sayings  Ibn ‘Arabi’s Islamic Doctrine  The First Testimony of Faith The Second Testimony of Faith Final Supplication Bibliography

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