The Uncreatedness of the Divine Speech- The Glorious Qur’an

Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was detained and lashed for twenty-eight months for refusing to say that the Qur’an was created. In his stand for the sake of the pure and undefiled Religion he was compared to Abu Bakr al-Siddiq’s unwavering stand with regard to the Arabian tribes who committed apostasy after the Prophet – Allah bless and greet him and his Family – left this life. May Allah be well-pleased with them and make them pleased.

Someone on the SRI forum mentioned the following syllogism:

“Allah says that He is the creator of every thing. The Qur’an is a thing. Therefore the Qur’an Is created. . . If you want to prove that the Qur’an is uncreated you will first have to prove that the Qur’an is not a thing. Can you do that? No.”

But elsewhere in the thread the same person states:

“So Allah is called a thing in the Qur’an.”

Therefore he admits that there is an exception to the false reasoning stated above, but in a separate place than where he brought it up.

He also stated his denial of the reality and pre-eternity of the Divine Attributes, subsuming them into the Essence:

“Coming back to the main point. If someone believes that anything is eternal other than God (existed from ever) he/she has committed shirk; made a partner with God.”

Yet elsewhere he affirms one such attribute. Meaning, not according to his rule that the attribute IS God, but predicating the attribute to God as a distinct reality in contradiction of his former denial, committing shirk by his own principle:

“[…] Truth is an attribute of God.”

Then he immediately annuls the reality of the attribute he just mentioned:

“Other than God both Truth and Evil don’t really independently exist.”

So then

(1)  according to him Allah categorically created all things and both the Qur’an is a thing and Allah is a thing; and

(2) according to him  it is shirk to hold anything to be eternal other than God, even an Attribute of His such as Truth; for

(3) according to him  such attributes, anyway, “don’t really independently exist.”

Of course he extirpates himself by adding “There is nothing like unto Him”. So he has shown that there is at least One Exception  Subhan Allah!  to his supposed axiom, and he found that exception stated in the Qur’an. He himself has shown that it can be misleading  and horrendously so to cite certain verses in isolation of others in the matter.

But he claims that it is apostasy to make more than this single exception:

“Yet you are making TWO exceptions. This is against the creed of Pure Islam. If you make more than ONE exception what prevents you from making Three, four or more exceptions?”

However, we Sunnis hold there are as many exceptions to the phrase “Allah has created everything” as there are Divine Attributes, and that to speak of any of His Attributes as created, is kufr.

The `Aqida of the People of Truth is:

sifaatu-l-Laahi laysat `ayna dhaatin The Attributes of Allah are neither the very Essence,

wa laa ghayran siwaahu dha-nfisaali nor other than Himself, nor separate.

sifaatu-dh-Dhaati wa-l-af`aali turran And all the Attributes of the Essence and of the Acts

qadiimaatun masuunaatu-z-zawaali are pre-existent and without end.

[From the poem Bad’ al-Amali by the Maturidi master, Siraj al-Din `Ali ibn `Uthman al-Ushi (d. 569).]

Another argument the objector brings forth is:

“The Qur’an is created. The Qur’an is refers to itself as Muhdath in verses 21:2 and 26:5”

And this is an outright lie, for the Qur’an refers to “a new/fresh reminder” (dhikr) in the indefinite in both verses, not “to itself” as falsely claimed. This would have been immediately noticeable if he had only cited the translations that he pretended to adduce.

He also made false claims based on his deficient knowledge of the Qur’an:

“The Qur’an says that it is From/By the Knowledge of God but it doesn’t say that it IS the Knowledge of God therefore even this view is non-Qur’anic and it is a belief withoutburhaan which Allah has not given any Sultaan or permission to believe in.”

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