About ASFA Chairman

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

17195 Silver Parkway #401

Fenton, MI 48430

A prominent scholar of mainstream, traditional Islam, Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani has spent his life spreading the teachings of peace, tolerance, respect and love that are the message of Islam throughout the world. Here in the United States for the last eleven years, Shaykh Kabbani has continued to disseminate the light and peace of Islam’s spiritual dimension to people of every background, ethnicity, race, and belief.


§         Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.

§         Medical studies in Louvain, Belgium.

§         Degree in Islamic Divine Law, Damascus, Syria.

§         License to teach, guide and counsel students in Islamic spirituality from the renowned Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil, authority of the Hanafi school of Islamic law in the Middle East and world leader of the Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order.

Current Positions Held

§         Co-Chair, Council of Muslim Leadership

§         Chairman, Islamic Supreme Council of America

§         President, The Muslim Magazine

§         U.S. Leader, Naqshbandi Haqqani Sufi Order

§         Chairman, As-Sunnah Foundation of America

§         Chairman, Kamilat Muslim women’s organization

§         Advisor, UnityOne, an organization devoted to ending gang violence.

§         Advisor, Human Rights Council, U.S.A. for supporting the establishment of human rights and freedom in all nations.

Recent accomplishments

March 2010                  Conducted a tour of Ghana, Ivory Coast and Kenya to meet with clerics and community leaders about the preservation of traditional Muslim culture; and met with Ivory Coast president, His Excellency Laurent Gbagbo, and Kenyan Prime Minister, His Excellency Raila Amolo Odinga to discuss the rise of Islamist radicalism in Africa and the concurrent destruction of ancient Muslim culture.

February 2010               Founder of new registered UK charity which hosted HRH Prince of Wales for its launch event “Spirituality in Action”

June 2009                     Met with opposition leader of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, and other government officials.

May 2009                     Celebration of Prophet Muhammad Birthday attended by the President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono along with 250,000 members of the public at Masjid Istiqlal, the largest mosque in Southeast Asia.

April 2009                    Celebrated Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday at the House of Commons. attended by Rt. Hon. Hazel Anne Blears, UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith, UK Home Secretary.

November 2008            Met with His Excellency Rathnasiri Wickramanayake, the Prime minister of Sri Lanka to discuss on how and what help is needed by the Muslims pertaining to the current situation in Sri Lanka.

November 2008            Met with His Excellency Mahinda Rajapakse, the President of Sri Lanka to present views on Terrorism and how can peace be brought to Sri Lanka.

March 2008                  Guest of Honor for the first interfaith house of worship in Los Angeles, California

March 2008                  Host of the 2nd Preventing Extremism Road Show across the UK

December 2007            Host of the 1st Preventing Extremism Road Show across the UK

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