(*) Al-Munâwî cited similar narrations in Fayd al-Qadîr: “If you race with each other towards good, walk barefoot, because Allâh multiplies the reward of those who walk barefoot over those who wear shoes.” Al-Munâwî said: “Narrated from Ibn `Abbâs by al-T.abarânî in al-Awsat, al-Khatîb in Târîkh Baghdâd, and al-H.âkim in his Târîkh Naysabûr. Its chain contains `Îsâ ibn Nujayh who, al-Dhahabî said, forged narrations. Hence Ibn al-Jawzi included it among his Mawdû`ât (1:217). It is somewhat strength­ened by al-T.abarânî’s other report whereby `Whoever walks barefoot in Allâh’s obedience, Allâh will not ask him to account for His orders on the Day of Judgment.’ However, even the latter report was said to be a fabrication.” Ibn al-Jawzi’s verdict was confirmed by al-Suyût.î in al-La’ali’ (1983 ed. 1:194), Ibn `Arraq in Tanzih al-Shari`a (1:251), al-Ghumârî in al-Mughir (p. 14) and al-Ah.dal in Zawa’id Târîkh Baghdâd (8:199-200 #1745). Of note here is Shu`ba ibn al-H.ajjâj’s saying: “Those who go in pursuit of the h.adîth on horse-back (`alâ al-dawâbb) cannot succeed.” Narrated by Abû Nu`aym in the H.ilya (7:179 #10117).

Blessings and peace on the Prophet, his Family,and his Companions.



Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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