Al Muhaddith – Shaikh Husain Hasan Sa`biyyah

Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad

Al Muhaddith – Shaikh Husain Hasan Sa`biyyah

Shaikh Husain Hasan Sa`biyyah

Summarized from Shaikh Salaah Fakhri’s Arabic book “Qurratul `Uyoon” by Orfan Rabbat.

(Additions by Orfan Rabbat are between parentheses.)

Shaikh Husain Hasan Sa`biyyah was born in 1945 AD in Haifa, Palestine, and grew up in Beirut, a righteous youth uncommon among his peers.

Then he got acquainted with Shaikh Mukhtaar Al-`Alaayily, “ameen el fataawa”, and studied under him for four years (together with Shaikh Salaah Fakhri). After that, they decided to dedicate themselves to the study of Islamic Sciences and asked their teacher’s advice. Sheikh Mukhtaar directed them to Shaikh Saaleh Farfour’s school in Damascus: Ma`had al Fath al Islaami.

After joining Ma`had al Fath, he made the acquaintance of Shaikh Mahmoud al Rankousi, may Allaah have Mercy on him. He accompanied him and used to attend his private lessons (at Dar el Hadeeth while still studying at Ma`had al Fath al Islaami). Later on, he also took the Naqshbandi way from Shaikh Mahmoud.

(As years went by, his time became more and more dedicated to the service of Dar el Hadeeth, until there came years when he would daily walk almost half through the city of Damascus, from his house to Shaikh Mahmoud’s house after the Fajr prayer, to walk with him to Dar el Hadeeth.)

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