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Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani

Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani

Shaykh Hisham Muhammad Kabbani is an influential and well-known Muslim scholar, author and da’ee. Shaykh Hisham came to America on the orders of his teacher and shaykh, Mawlana Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani, mufti of Cyprus. Under the directive to spread Islam to non-Muslims, Shaykh Hisham has been systematically following a highly powerful methodology of da’wah and teaching that has been extremely effective in drawing non-Muslims into Islam with enthusiasm and deep fervor.

Shaykh Hisham is both a scholar of Islamic fiqh (law). In addition to his religious knowledge, Shaykh Hisham has completed a degree in medicine from the University of Louvain, Belgium. Born in Lebanon, Shaykh Hisham did an undergraduate degree in Pharmacology at the American University of Beirut. After completing his medical degree, he traveled to Damascus to study Islamic shariah at the Azhar University of Damascus.

After completing his basic Islamic studies, he began studying under Shaykh Abdullah Faiz al-Daghestani and Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Haqqani. He traveled with both shaykhs to all parts of the world over the years, including England, France Germany, Holland, Italy, former Yugoslavia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, before finally traveling to America where he currently resides.

Shaykh Hisham’s mission in the US is to spread the teachings of Islam in the most effective manner possible, in order to open the doors of Islam to people from all religions. His effort are directed at bringing the diverse spiritual and religious groups together in recognition of the Oneness of God (at-tawheed) and the role of the messengers in guiding mankind to keep the path of truth, especially the role of the Last Messenger, Sayiddina Muhammad, peace be uponhim, the necessity for the Divine Law, Shari’ah, and to show them that mankind has a responsibility as caretaker of the earth and of every believer. Through his extraoridinary efforts and his effective teaching and daw’ah methods, Shaykh Hisham’s has brought over 10,000 persons into the Deen in the Americas. His mission is directed to all people regardless of their race, color and gender.

Shaykh Hisham has been in the US for five years, During that time he has visited over three hundred religious communities and congregations of Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, and different New Age groups. His mission is always to show both individuals and groups that Islam is the perfection and completion of all religions, the perfect path to Allah which will complement and complete their own beliefs with the true practices and beliefs in tawheed, the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, the Sunnah and the Shariah.

In 23 mosques and Islamic centers established in the U.S, Canada, and South America, by Shaykh Hisham in these five years, gatherings are held two or more times a week. These gatherings are open to all people. They are a means for inviting non-Muslims to Islam and for preparing them to follow the Shari’ah. Shaykh Hisham addresses the gatherings when he is present. He begins by giving a talk or advice addressing the heartfelt concerns of those in attendance.

Shaykh Hisham leads an ordered but busy life. He is constantly traveling both nationally and abroad to attend gatherings of his followers and to meet with spiritual leaders. When he is not traveling, he spends much of his time giving talks and classes and Jumah khutbas in the San Francisco Bay area. He devotes a great amount of time to writing on the subjects of spirituality and Islam and is a published spiritual author of over a dozen titles on those subjects. His latest book, Angels Unveiled (1995) is available at Borders Bookstores throughout America and Kazi Publications, Chicago. Shaykh Hisham is always on call for Muslims and for spiritual seekers to consult for both worldly and religious matters.

Shaykh Hisham Kabbani considers himself first and foremost a slave of Allah, and a servant to His Shari’ah and the Sunnah of His Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). His latest endeavor for spreading Islam as well as for bringing about unity among Muslims is to establish the International Islamic Unity Conference, in August 2-4, 1996 in Los Angeles. Top-flight scholars and Islamic activists have accepted to speak at this conference, a conference which is unprecedented in scope and diversity in the history of Islam in America. The primary theme of this conference will be the launch of “the International Day of the Orphan” with attendees expected representing many Muslim and non-Muslims countries at the political level, in addition to the best scholars the Muslim world has brought forth in this time, insha-Allah.

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