Awliya‘s Knowledge of the Ghayb (Unseen)

Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad

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The “Salafis” have claimed in their ignorance that the principles of kashf and of the inheritorship of the Prophet in any sense other than memorization or bookish learning contradict Allah’s saying: “Today I have perfected your religion, completed my favor upon you, and accepted for you Islam as religion” (5:3) and the Prophet’s status as having conveyed the Message to the people perfectly. They also direct the same false claims to ijtihad (qualified independent reasoning), ijma` (consensus of the scholars), and qiyas (analogy) themselves, as al-Zahawi showed in his refutation of the Wahhabi heresy:

They (Wahhabis) denounce [the `ulama] by saying that the Imams believe that the religion of Islam is deficient and that they complete it by “reasoning” like ijma’ and qiyas. For this, they cite the Qur’anic verse: “Today I have completed your religion.” (3:5) They say we find whatever is necessary for life clearly stated in the Qur’an. So what need do we have for qiyas. The texts take in the whole of life’s eventualities without need of derivation (istinbat) and analogy(qiyas)58

The sect of the Mu`tazila did not believe in the miracles of the saints, and some today even claim: “The awliya are not known except to Allah, and there is no such thing as kashf in the shari`a” and “We only trust a person whom Allah or His Messenger ordered us to trust, but as for those claimed awliya’, there is no specific evidence about them from Allah or His Messenger” as a way to withhold their respect from the pious or pay it out stingily and reluctantly.

These are all matters in which the “Salafis” and those who deny kashf reveal their Mu`tazili leanings. One of them even said: “The sufi-doctrine of “miracles of saints” claims that the awliya’ have control over it. Of course they say by Allah’s will. (Also, the sect of the Shi`ah believe in that!)”

Observe how he contradicted himself in his haste to cast blame upon a figment of his imagination: on the one hand he makes his concocted “sufi-doctrine” claim control over the elements, yet on the other he makes those who hold that doctrine (“they“) say: “By Allah’s will,” which eradicates any claim of autonomous control! Observe also how they ascribe belief in karamat, which is obligatory in Islam, to the Shi`a.

In all of the above the “Salafis are roundly refuted by no less than Ibn Taymiyya, the most learned among the authorities they claim to follow and a self-proclaimed disciple of al-Gilani whom he calls “my shaykh” and “my master”:

It is established that the awliya’ possess spiritual communications (mukhatabat) and unveilings (mukashafat).59

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