Shah Bahauddin Naqshband

After that, the (dining) sheet was placed, and when they ate he gave me a loaf therefrom which I internally resisted taking, so he told me

<<take it, for it will be of use to you>>

So I took that loaf and went with his procession in the road of Qasru’l `Aarifeen. In that road I was walking behind his donkey in complete sincerity (to Allah), but sometimes (my) thought would go according to the whims of the senses, and each time this dissipation would occur to me, he would turn to me and tell me:

<<the thought must be guarded>>

From witnessing theses states, I was achieving complete certainty, and my loving was increasing for his eminence. In that road, we reached a place where there lived one among those attached to the Khaajah and went to his house. He met him with complete cheerfulness, supplication and humility, but when Hadrat al Khaajah Baaba entered the house, the person got disturbed, so the Khaajah said:

<<What’s the reality? speak the truth.>>

This loving person said:

<<The reality is that I have milk available but have no bread.>>

The Khaajah turned to me and said:

<<Get (us) this loaf, it has finally been of use.>>

To and fro, I used to witness this and similar (happenings), and my love and belief in him increased, quddisa sirruh.

Khaajah `Alaa’u d-Deen quddisa sirruh was reported, quoting Hadrat al Khaajah’s words (Bahaa’u d-Deen), quddisa sirruh9:

<< When Khaajah Muhammad (Baaba Sammaasi) died, may Allah Fill his grave with light, my grand father took me to Samarqand. He used to take me each place there was a righteous person “with a heart” and ask him to pray for me, and their barakah (blessing granted by Allah) was reaching me. Then he brought me to Bukhaara and completed my marriage there while I was residing in the Qasru’l `Aarifeen. In that period, by Divine Grace, I got the cap of Hadrat al `Azeezaan (`Ali al Raamatani) whereupon my state improved and my expectations became strong until I was honored with the arrival of Hadrat al Sayyid Kulaal quddisa sirruh who told me:

<<Hadrat al Khaajah Muhammad Baaba committed to my care “do not spare an effort in educating my son Bahaa’u d-Deen nor in caring after him, and you are not absolved from me if you are negligent in this”>>

Hadrat al Sayyid Kulaal said:

<<I am no man if I am negligent about Hadrat al Khaajah’s will.>>

It was reported, quoting Hadrat al Khaajah (Bahaa’u d-Deen) quddisa sirruh10: < In these days I saw (in a dream) Al Hakeem Ataa, may Allah Sanctify his soul, who was among the greatest shaikhs of Turkey, advising a righteous man (dervish) to take care of me, and when I woke up that man’s image was on my mind. I had a righteous grandmother to whom I mentioned that dream; she said:

<<My son, you will have a share from the shaikhs of Turkey.>>

Thus I kept looking forward to meet this righteous man until I found him one day in Bukhaara and recognized him. His name was Khaleel, but I was unable then to stay with him and went home worried. At sunset a person came and told me:

<<Dervish Khaleel is asking for you.>>

I promptly took a visiting gift and went to him in complete supplication and humility. When I got the honor of meeting him, I was about to tell him of my dream but he said in Turkish:

<<I know what you saw, so there is no need to clarify.>>

From hearing his words I was greatly affected and got extremely attracted to him, and (after that) I kept on achieving great states from his company. It even happened that people beyond the river appointed him Sultaan – whereupon he was known as Sultaan Khaleel – yet I did not leave him but used to see great states from him during his reign, and my heart got more and more attached to him; in turn his education, promotion and tenderness to me would increase. He taught me numerous manners of servitude which helped me tremendously in the knowledge of the manners of this Way’s walking and treading. I thus remained at his service during the six years of his reign. In public I observed the manners of serving him, and in private I honored his special companions, and he often used to say in presence of his select companions:

<<Everyone who serves me for the sake of Allah’s Good-Pleasure will become great among creatures>>

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