Imam al-Suyuti’s Teachers

Imam al-Suyuti’s Teachers

Imam Suyuti’s Teachers

from Imam Suyuti?s Kitab al-Tahadduth bi Ni`mat Allah1

translation by Hani Alkhatib

The numbers given to women scholars are indicated with (parenthesis) while those of men scholars with [square brackets]. If a name appears as ?al-Shihab?, ?al-Taj?, or the like, then it means ?Shihab al-Din?, ?Taj al-Din?, etc.

A big number [of scholars] in the Egyptian Lands, the Hijaz, and Halab have given me Ijazas. I have compiled a huge bibliographical dictionary containing the names of those who taught me, gave me Ijazas, or composed poetry about me. They added up to about 600 persons.

The teachers of Hadith-Transmission (Shuyukh al-riwaya) among them consist of four classes (tabaqat).

Then Suyuti gives short descriptions of the four categories of Hadith-Transmission he was taught by the four classes of his teachers. Then he dismisses the fourth since he did not learn much from them (did not receive Hadith through them, that is). After that, Suyuti says:

These are the names of my teachers (Shaykhs) who belong to the first three classes, each given along with a summarized biographical note: 

The ?bibliographical notes?, which I did not translate below, contain mainly the dates of birth and death and the names of some of their famous teachers.

[1] Ahmad ibn Ibrahim ibn Nasr Allah al-Kinani al-Hanbali, Head Judge (Qadi al-Quda) `Izz al-Din Abu al-Barakat son of Head Judge Burhan al-Din son of Head Judge Nasr al-Din.

[2] Ahmad ibn Ibrahim ibn Sulayman al-Qalyubi, al-Shihab Abu al-`Abbas.

[3] Ahmad ibn `Abd Allah ibn `Ali, al-Shihab ibn al-Jamal, son of Judge `Ala? al-Din al-Kinani al-Hanbali.

[4] Ahmad ibn `Abd al-Qadir ibn Muhammad ibn Tarif al-Shawi, al-Shihab Abu al-`Abbas.

[5] Ahmad ibn `Ali ibn Abu Bakr al-Sharimsahi, the distinguished Shihab al-Din al-Fardi ? the accountant and Shafi`i faqih.

[6] Ahmad ibn `Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn `Ali ibn Mahmud al-Kinani al-`Asqalani, Head Judge, the Imam al-Hafiz Shihab al-Din Abu al Fadl ? well-known as Ibn Hajar.

[7] Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Nuwayri al-Hashimi al-`Uqayli al-Makki, Sharaf al-Din Abu al-Qasim, the Khatib of the Masjid al-Haram [in Makka] son of the Khatib Kamal al-Din Abu al-Fadl son of the Judge of the Haramayn [Two Holy Sanctuaries in Makka and Madina] Muhibb al-Din Abu al-Barakat son of Head Judge Kamal al-Din Abu al-Fadl.

[8] Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn `Abd al-Rahman ibn `Umar al-Bulqini, Shihab al-Din ibn Taj al-Din son of Head Judge Jalal al-Din son of Shaykh al-Islam Siraj al-Din.

[9] Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn `Ali ibn Hasan ibn Ibrahim al-Ansari al-Khazraji ? well-known as al-Shihab al-Hijazi; a man of letters and a poet.

[10] Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Muhammad ibn Hasan al-Shumunni, our Shaykh, the distinguished Imam Taqi al-Din.

[11] Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Fahd, Muhibb al-Din Abu Bakr, son of our Shaykh al-Hafiz Taqi al-Din Abu al-Fadl al-Hashimi; among the descendants of Muhammad ibn al-Hanafiyya.

[12] Ibrahim ibn Ahmad ibn Yunus, the Ghazzi, then Halabi [resident of Gaza then Halab], al-Burhan ibn al-Du`ayyif.

[13] Ibrahim ibn Muhammad ibn `Abd Allah ibn Sa`d al-Dayri al-Hanafi, Head Judge Burhan al-Din, son of Head Judge Shams al-Din.

[14] Isma`il ibn Abu Bakr ibn Isma`il ibn Ibrahim ibn `Abd al-Samad al-Hashimi al-`Aqili al-Zabidi, Sharaf al-Din, ibn Radi al-Din son of the distinguished Qutb al-Din.

(15) ?Amina bint Sharaf al-Din Musa ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad al-Ansari al-Damhuji al-Mahalli.

(16) ?Asiya bint Jar Allah ibn Salih al-Shaybani al-Tabari al-Makki, Umm Muhammad.

(17) Alf bint `Abd Allah son of Head Judge `Ala? al-Din `Ali al-Kinani al-Hanbali.

(18) Alf daughter of the distinguished Badr al-Din al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn Ayyub al-Husayni al-Shafi`i ? who is well-known as al-Sharif al-Nassaba.

(19) Amat al-Khaliq bint `Abd al-Latif al-Munawi al-`Uqbi.

(20) Amat al-`Aziz bint Muhammad son of Shaykh Yusuf son of Shaykh Isma`il al-Inbabi.

(21) Umm Hani? daughter of Shaykh Nur al-Din Abu al-Hasan `Ali son of Head Judge Taqi al-Din `Abd al-Rahman ibn `Abd al-Mu?min al-Hurini; mother of our distinguished Shaykh Sayf al-Din al-Hanafi.

(22) Umm Hani? bint Abu al-Qasim son of the distinguished head of Grammarians Abu al-`Abbas al-Ansari al-Makki.

(23) Umm Hani? daughter of our Shaykh al-Hafiz Taqi al-Din Abu al-Fadl Muhammad ibn Fahd.

[24] Abu Bakr ibn Ahmad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ahmad al-Murshidi al-Makki, Fakhr al-Din.

[25] Abu Bakr ibn Sadaqa ibn `Ali al-Munawi, Zaki al-Din.

[26] Hanifa bint `Abd al-Rahman ibn Ahmad ibn `Umar ibn `Arafat al-Qimmani.

[27] Al-Khidr ibn Muhammad ibn al-Khidr ibn Dawud ibn Ya`qub al-Halabi, Baha? al-Din Abu al-Hayat.

(29) Khadija daughter of the Muhaddith Shihab al-Din Ahmad ibn `Ali ibn Khalaf ibn `Abd al-`Aziz ibn Badran al-Husayni, Umm Salama.

(30) Khadija bint `Abd al-Rahman ibn `Ali ibn Ahmad al-Hashimi al-`Uqayli al-Nuwayri al-Makki.

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