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`Abd al-Rahman ibn Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad ibn Sabiq al-Din, Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (radi Allahu `anhu) was born in 849 A.H./1445. He was a Shafi`i mujtahid Imam, Mufassir, Sufi, Hadith master (Hafiz), and historian, a prolific writer who authored books in virtually every Islamic science. He was raised as an orphan in Cairo and memorized the Holy Quran at 8. Amongst his teachers were Siraj al-Din Bulqini, Sharaf al-Din al-Munawi, Taqi al-Din al-Shamani. He traveled to gain Sacred Knowledge to Damascus, the Hijaz, Yemen, India, Morocco, and the lands south of Morocco, as well as centers of learning in Egypt such as Malalla, Dumyat and Fayyum. In this book, the great scholar he has shed light on the historical and legal status of the Mawlid ash-Sharif in his own characteristic scholarly style. Before forming any opinion on the status of this booklet in imparting knowledge and benefit, first of all consider the illustrious personality of the author. The highly acclaimed "Tafsir al-Jalalain" which he co-authored is still a prescribed textbook in religious institutions and Muslims of all shades of opinion study and teach it, and praise Imam al-Suyuti for this work. Apart from this, his book on Usul al-tafsir called "al-Itqan fi `Ulum al-Quran" became an indispensable source of reference for all later works on the subject. "Al-Badr al-Manshur", his tafsir of the Holy Quran is referred to as exemplary. On the characteristics and miracles of the Noble Prophet (s), his work entitled "al-Kasa'is al-Kubra" has the distinction of being the foremost on this topic and excerpts from it are to be found in the works on Sirah by eminent Imams and `Ulama. It is thus obvious that when such a great religious luminary takes up his pen to write on the Mawlid ash-Sharif, i.e. celebrating the Birthday of the Noble Prophet (s), the result will be of a unique status and its every word will be a summary of his vast knowledge of tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Usul and history. Thus it would form the conclusive verdict of this subject. Imam Jalaluddin al-Suyuti (radi Allahu `anhu) passed away in Cairo at 60 years of age in 911A.H./1505.

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