Specialties of the Month of Rajab

When the worshipper has duly performed his ritual prayer [salat] on the first night of Rajab, he is recommended to offer the following prayer of supplication [du’a‘]:

“O Allah, to You the applicants apply this night, to You the aspirants aspire, and for Your gracious bounty and beneficence the seekers look in hope. You have special favors [nafahat] to bestow this night, and prizes and gifts and presents…

The First Friday Night of Rajab – by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Tonight is a very precious night Laylat ar-Ragha’ib, ‘the Sacred Night of Desires’. It is one of the most important nights in Islamic history for all human beings. It is the night that the Prophet (s) was transferred from his father to his mother’s womb. It falls on the first Friday of Rajab. All that you wish for on this night, God gives you for the sake of His beloved Prophet (s). In Islamic countries they celebrate this night with praising of the Prophet (s), remembrance of his life, remembrance of God in their hearts, and visits to mosques, which stay open throughout the night until dawn...

The First Day and Night of the First Friday of Rajab – Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

As for the night of the first Friday of the month of Rajab or its first night, both known as the “Night of wishes” (Laylat ar-Ragha’ib) during which is performed the Salat al-ragha’ib...

On Rajab – Shaykh Abdul Ghani an-Nablusi

There is no doubt that the month of Rajab is the key to the opening of the months of goodness and blessing…


Peace and Blessings upon the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions

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