Further Information on Tasawwuf

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Following the posting of Shaykh Hisham Kabbani’s detailed response to Shaykh Adly’s six questions, Shaykh Kabbani received many emails congratulating him on clearing up many misconceptions and wrong notions regarding the Science of Tasawwuf in Islam.

After this, Shaykh Kabbani proceeded to illuminate the readers on MSA-Net with more information about the validity and importance of Tasawwuf, citing the example of Ibn Taymiyya as one who not only mentioned the validity and importance of Tasawwuf, but was a shaykh of a Sufi tariqat as well.

Ibn Taymiyya the Sufi Shaykh

Ibn Taymiyya

Orientalists and Modern Islamists have contributed to the misrepresentation of Ibn Taymiyya as an enemy of Sufis. This has been propounded even more strongly lately by the scholars of the “neo-Salafi” school, whose followers claim to strictly adhere to Ibn Taymiyya’s teachings, but who in fact have severely deviated from them in this area of understanding. However, regardless of the desires of one group or another, the facts provide a clarification of reality: that Ibn Taymiyya accepted Tasawwuf on the condition that it follows shari’ah, and that Ibn Taymiyya himself was not only a Sufi follower, but was adorned with the cloak (khirqa) of shaykhhood of the Qadiri Order.