Further Information on Tasawwuf 9

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani


For now we consider this to be the conclusion of our presentation of Sufism, and as a completion of our “debate” with Shaykh Muhammad Adly.

From what has preceded, including our presentation of the opinions of many different scholars, from Imam Abu Hanifa, through Ibn Taymiyya, and up to the present, such as Ibn Abdul Wahhab, how is it possible that one rejects what all these great and knowledgable scholars have never denied, nay they supported, namely the Science of Tasawwuf? Are we going to consider ourselves and our opinion better than the opinions of all the scholars that have been mentioned before? Are we going to say that the opinion of the students of MSA-Net and SRI and the shaykhs of today, are more valid than the scholars whom we have mentioned, who have put forth volumes and volumes of books on the validity and reality of Tasawwuf, while not one of them considered that Tasawwuf as something to be denied in Islam?

The Prophet (s) ordered us to follow the Jama’at, when he said, “‘alaykum bi ijma’a al-Muslimeen” (“Hold to the Consensus of the Muslims”) and “alaykum bis-sawaad il-‘aazam” (“Hold to the Majority”). Who are better representatives of “sawad al-‘azaam” and “ijma’a al-Muslimeen” than these great scholars and imams, whom we have mentioned and quoted extensively from here and in articles in the past?

It is as if the students and shaykhs of today are saying “everyone who came before us were wrong and we are right,” and this comes from arrogance. So it is better for everyone and for ourselves, and for every true Muslim to read more, to investigate more and to examine more in order to know the truth and reality. And it is unbefitting Muslims to be like parrots, repeating the phrases taught them by their master, which have no reality nor basis in fact.

Muhammad Adly knew and understood that reality, as he is a scholar, given those titles by Azhar and Rabitah, as mentioned in his own c.v. He was unable to answer our questions as he knew that no scholar ever denied Tasawwuf. So how could he accuse all ‘ulama of bida’? Instead he preferred to keep quiet,though we were sending post after post privately to his intermediary on the Internet asking for some response from his side. This means he was unable to give an answer and therefore this is the final part of our wrapup.

So we respectfully request the readers who are skeptical of our conclusions, and who doubt our quotations and who suspect our scholarship: go and look for yourself–read what scholars of Islam wrote and don’t throw out wild accusations.

We are worshipping Allah alone, and praising the prophet Muhammad (s) as a sincere and praiseworthy servant of Allah, and respecting our guides and our shaykhs; not as some would accuse us, of worshipping them. May Allah guide all who read these words to the reality and truth of Islam.

May Allah enlighten all of us to the goodness which is Islam.

From Allah comes all guidance,

— Shaykh Hisham Mohammed Kabbani