Part Ten of Six Answers

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Allah Mentions the Hearts of the ‘Ulama

And Allah mentioned

“bal hum ayaatun bayyinattun fee sudoor alladheena utul ‘ilma…” (al-‘Ankabut, 49)

“know here are signs self-evident in the hearts of those who have been endowed with knowledge, and none but the unjust reject our signs.”

And Allah says:

“wat-tab’i sabeela man anaaba ilaya.” (Luqman, 15).

“follow the path of those who have turned to Me”

That is the way of those who love Allah (commentary of Yusuf Ali). That is the state of love mentioned which is related to the heart, not to the mind.

Allah Orders Believers to Find a Means of Approach to Him

“Ya ayyuhal-ladheena aamanu it-taqullaha wabtaghu ilayh il-waseelata wa jaahidu fee sabeelihi la’alakum tuflihoon.”

(al-Ma’idah, 35)

“O Believers, be wary of Allah and find a means to approach Him and strive in His Way that perhaps you may be of the successful.”

That means that one must strive in Allah’s way–not in the ego’s way, nor towards the ego and its desires, if anyone wishes to be successful. And it indicates the necessity to follow the footsteps of the Prophet as the wasilah (the means of approach) to Allah Almighty.