The Second Paradise: the Abode of Constancy (Dar al-Qarar)

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

MirajThen Gabriel ordered the Buraq to take the Prophet to the second Paradise, whose name is Dar al-Qarar, the Abode of Constancy. He then knocked at one of the doors of the Second Paradise. It was made of a heavenly element that has no name in our language. The angel Jarja’il came with one thousand processions of angels who made an even greater and happier music than the angels of the First Paradise. A voice said:

“Who is it?”


“Who is accompanying you?”

“Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy.”

Then the door was opened. The Prophet saw angels whose faces were like the disk of the sun, riding horses and girded with spiritual swords and lances. The Prophet asked: “O Gabriel! Who are these?” Gabriel answered: “These are angels whom God created to support human against devils. Their praising is: Subhana dhil ¿Izzati wal Jabarut: ‘Glory to the Lord of Force and Might,’ and they are wearing yellow turbans on their heads. When they praise God their turbans move and radiate a yellow light that supports the light of the sun. They radiate another light also, which makes the devils run away and chases out gossip from the heart of believers.” Then the Prophet saw two very handsome men sitting on a throne made of red rubies. He asked: “Who are these?” Gabriel said: “They are your relatives, John and Jesus.”

AngelsUnveiledFrontCover Angels Unveiled 

by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

Jesus was of a reddish complexion as if he came out of the bath. Then angels came to the Prophet in battalions, greeting him one by one. God extended time in such a way that one second was enough to greet all of the angels and pray with them, for the time of prayer had come. Jesus and John greeted the Prophet farewell, and Gabriel ordered the Buraq to go to the Third Paradise.

copyright 2017 Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani