The One for Whose Sake Rain Is Sent (s) – أبيضَ يُستسقى الغَمَام بوجهه


10256168_10152447102772125_6739639410679426684_oأخرج ابن عساكر عن جَلْهُمَة بن عُرْفُطَة قال‏:‏ قدمت مكة وهم في قحط، فقالت قريش‏:‏ يا أبا طالب، أقحط الوادي، وأجدب العيال، فهَلُمَّ فاستسق، فخرج أبو طالب ومعه غلام، كأنه شمس دُجُنَّة، تجلت عنه سحابة قَتْمَاء، حوله أُغَيْلمة، فأخذه أبو طالب، فألصق ظهره بالكعبة،ولاذ بأضبعه الغلام، وما في السماء قَزَعَة، فأقبل السحاب من هاهنا وهاهنا وأغدق واغْدَوْدَق، وانفجر الوادي، وأخصب النادي والبادي، وإلى هذا أشار أبو طالب حين قال‏:‏

وأبيضَ يُستسقى الغَمَام بوجهه ** ثِمالُ اليتامى عِصْمَةٌ للأرامل

Ibn `Asakir narrated from Jalhama ibn Urfuta who said:

I came to Mecca during a drought. Some men of Quraish came to Abu Talib and said, “Oh, Abu Talib, the valley is barren and the families are suffering. Let us go and pray for rain.” Abu Talib came out, and with him was a young boy who looked like the sun after the clouds have cleared. He was surrounded by other young children. Abu Talib led him to the Ka`ba and stood with his back against it. There wasn’t even a tiny cloud in the sky, but as soon as he raised up the young boy in his hands, clouds started to arrive from every direction and it started raining, then pouring. The valley blossomed and both in Mecca and out in the desert became fertile. About this miracle, Abu Talib recited the following verses:

To the one of bright complexion,
rain is sent for the sake of his countenance,
He is a refuge for the orphans,
and a protector of widows.

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