Importance of the Evening of Arafah


The Divine Descent (when Allah is most near to His servants without saying ‘how’) is always in the last third of the night, except on the Day of Arafah, for verily Allah descends to the sky of the world in the daytime.

The Sahaba and Tabi`in would collect all their needs for the du`a of the Day of Arafah.

In Ramadan the Night of Power is hidden from us and we don’t know precisely when it is but in Dhil-Hijjah Allah has informed us of the precise Day of Arafah, the day when du`a is answered so will we still be lazy?

If you can free your time on the evening of Arafah do it, where evening is between Salat al-`Asr and Salat al-Maghrib.

One of the saints said, By Allah I never made du`a on the Day of Arafah, and the year pass over by without what I sought appearing just as the dawn appears after the dark night.

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