Travel with Full Belief

Mawlana Shaykh Nazim Adil al-Haqqani

Everyone who took this way, started by believing in the Unseen. They said, “There is a Ka`bah over there, walk and see if you reach the glorious Ka`bah!” In the old times they went to the desert. The camels and hujjaaj passed through the desert, sinking into the sand up to their knees, believing in the Ka`bah that they didn’t see. They passed through the desert with love. Finally, they would find the Ka`bah.
Now our way is also like that. We walk by believing in the Unseen. That’s why we are obliged to believe in the Unseen. If it were already visible, there would be no need to say, “Believe in this.” You should believe here and go into the desert. You’ll pass those deserts and find the Ka`bah. You’ll be the guest of the Lord of the Ka`bah.
Anyone who has hope will go to the Ka`bah. Whoever cuts the road to the Ka`bah, Allah (swt) will cut his life! They will be judged as unbelievers. Allah (swt) orders everyone who has financial and physical power, to go and visit the Ka`bah. No one can set conditions. When you do, you’ll be judged as an unbeliever. It isn’t an easy matter. We believe in the Unseen. We have peace inside that we will reach what we believe day by day. That’s why a believer thinks of the day he will reach Allah (swt) and feels an endless peace that the unbeliever is deprived of. We will meet Allah (swt)! We are going to Allah (swt)! We are going to Allah (swt)! We are approaching day by day!

Excerpted from Makkan Openings: A Pilgrim’s Guide to Divine Secrets