`Aqida (Doctrine)


by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani

The Light of the Prophet

Knowledge of the Unseen-Ghayb

The Prophet’s Knowledge [Bahasa Melayu]

The Awliya‘s Knowledge

Who or What is a Salafi?

Respect for the Companions of Sayiddina Muhammad (s)

Refuting Ibn Taymiyyah’s False Doctrines and Ibn Taymiyyah’s Elucidation of Law Laak

Allah’s Establishment Over the Throne | Istiwa is a Divine Act

Interpreting Allah’s Words “He Who is in the Heaven”

Interpreting the Hadith “Where is Allah? — In the Heavens”

The “Book Written Above the Throne”

Ibn Hajar’s Commentary on the Meaning of `Arsh

Interpreting Allah’s “Descent” and the “Ascent” of Good Words to Him

Ibn Hajar’s Commentary on the Hadith of Descent

Ahl al-Sunna Refutations of Those Who Attribute a Direction to Allah

Refutation of the mujassima in the Commentary on the Hadith of Descent

Imam al-Tahawi’s beliefs of Ahl al-Sunna wa al-Jama`a

Is it Permissible for a Muslim to believe that Allah is in the Sky in a Literal Sense?

Deriving Baraka from the Prophet (s) and from His Holy Relics

Error, Innovation and True Belief – the issue of Tawassul

Refutation of “Shirk” in Qasidat al-Burda

by Dr. Gabriel F. Haddad

Incident of Istigatha during life of the Prophet (s)

Hâdir and Nâzir and the Divine Attributes

Forty Hadith on the Merits of Saying “La ilaha illAllah

Asking “Ya Shaykh Madad!”

Tamperings of the Salafis

Questions on `Aqida

Hâdir wa Nâzir – Omnipresence of the Prophet (s)

Status of Arabs

The Hadith: “Whoever visits my grave my intercession is guaranteed for him”

The Prophetic Title “Best of Creation”

The Main Sects

The Prophet’s (s) Seating on the Throne

Uncreatedness of the Divine Speech – the Glorious Quran

al-Asha’ira – The Ash`aris

“Allah is now as He ever was”

Allah’s “Descent”

Vision of Allah in the World and the Hereafter

Ibn al-Qayyim on Life in the Grave

Origin of the Term “Ahl as-Sunnah

Other Authors

Al-Buti’s Recapitulation of the Two Methods Part1 | Part 2 – Dr. Sa`eed Ramadan al-Buti

Explanation of the Hadith Regarding Prophet’s Knowledge of the Unseen “except five” – Shaykh Abdullah al-Ghumari

Hadith: “If not for you I would not have created creation”

Foreordained Destiny and the Inefficacy of Material Causes-and-Effects

The Light of the Prophet – Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi

The Hand of the Prophet – Dr. Mostafa al-Badawi

The Blessed Sandals of the Prophet (s)

Infallibility of Prophets

The Shadowless Prophet of Allah
The Doctrine of Ahl as-Sunna Versus the “Salafi” Movement – Jamal Effendi al-`Iraqi al-Zahawi, translated with notes by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani, ASFA, complete.

The Kharijites and their impact on Contemporary Islam – part 1 23456 – Shaykh Seraj Hendricks

Importance of Praising the Prophet (s) – Ebrahim Ismail

Fitnatul Wahhabiyyah: the menace of Wahhabism – Shaykhu-l-Islam Ahmad Zayni Dahlan al-Makki ash-Shafi’i

Unity Through Schools of Thought – Abdal Hakim Murad

Commentary on Hadith of Jibril (as) – Ibn Rajab

Al-Hallaj’s Doctrine – from al-Risalat al-Qushayriyya

Advice to Our Brothers the Ulama of Najd – Shaykh Yusuf al-Rifa’i

The Sects – Firaq – Sayyid Ghawth al-`Adham Abdul Qadir al-Jilani (q)

Ibn `Arabi’s `AqidaMuhiyy ad-Din ibn `Arabi

The Ash`ari School – Shaykh Mohammed Alawi Al-Maliki al-Makki

The Great Asha`ari Scholars – by Ibn Asakir

Literalism and the Attributes of Allah – Nuh Ha Mim Keller

Puncturing the Devil’s Dream regarding the Hadiths of Najd and Tamim – Karim Fenari