The Shaykh Faaik Gameildien Controversy



Recently, Shaykh Faaik Gamieldien, a well known shaykh in Cape Town, South Africa, has made a scathing attack against mainstream Muslims for building and visiting shrines of the awliya. He wrote two letters to the Cape Argus, the most widely read daily newspaper in the province of the Western Cape, and he gave an hour lecture on a local Muslim Radio Station, The Voice of the Cape. He basically condemned as mushriks (those who associate partners with Allah, wa na`udhu billah) those Muslims who venerated their pious ancestors by visiting their shrines. He also denied that various cultures could exist within Islam.

A number of prominent local scholars have responded to Shaykh Faaik’s ridiculous perversions of the concepts of shirk and monotheism. In this frame is a copy of one of the letters that he sent to the Cape Argus, as well as the first part of a Jumu’ah Speech (Friday, 12 January 2001) by Shaykh Seraj Hendricks (Senior member of Fatwa Committee, Western Cape) at Azzawia Mosque. I will post the other parts of the Jumu’ah speech, as well as further refutations of Shaykh Faaik Gamieldien soon, insha-Allah.


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