About Rajab – the Month of Allah


The month of Rajab is the seventh one of the Hijri months and it is two months before Ramadan. It is important because of its virtuousness. The fact that it includes holy nights such as Raghaib and Miraj increases its virtuousness. Moreover, the fact that it is one of the forbidden months mentioned in the Quran increases its position in Muslim hearts. 

Rajab means honor and respect. Pre-Islamic Arabs used to deem the month of Rajab important and they used to respect and extol it. When the month of Rajab arrived, they used to put their swords back in their sheaths and their deep and bloody enmities used to be covered under a temporary curtain of peace. Those noisy and terrifying deserts used to be covered by the peaceful atmosphere of a sweet spring and all places used to turn into fields of safety and security. Even when someone came across the killer of his father, he would not raise his head to look at him. The reason why this month was called the “deaf month” (al-Asam) is that it is a season of peace.

Another reason why the month of Rajab is called the deaf month is explained as follows:

Allah chooses not to hear people’s sins committed within this month and their faults and He only witnesses believers’ worship and good deeds, for the sake of this month. Thus, Allah the Glorious forgives His believing servants’ sins which they commit in this month.

They continued to respect the month of Rajab when Islam emerged too. Especially, it was honored with manifestations such as Raghaib and Miraj.

The Honorable Messenger (pbuh) said in his supplications:

My Allah! Make Rajab and Sha’ban good and blessed for us; and let us reach Ramadan. (Jamiu’s-Saghir, 2/90).

Rajab is also called “the month of rajm (stoning to death)”. According to this, demons are stoned in this month; they are chased away. The letter “Ra” in the word Rajab alludes to Allah’s mercy (rahmah), “Jim” alludes to His generousness and help, and “Ba” alludes to His birr (goodness and offerings).

The reason why the month of Rajab is called “mutahhar (cleaned)”  is that the ones who spend this month by fasting are purified from their sins and faults. The month of Rajab holds an important place in the history of prophets. For instance, Prophet Noah and his people boarded on the ark and saved themselves from the flood in the month of Rajab. 

The month of Rajab is the first month of the season which is known as “three holy months”. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi who calls them “months of worship with lots of rewards”, points out that they are a means of elevation for people, enabling believers to advance in rewards.

Excerpted from Questions on Islam: the Month of Rajab