Ten Characteristics of Wahabism


Shaykh Dr. Abdul Qadir bin Muhammad bin Salih


1. Wahhabism means non-methodology.
2. It means the fake Salaf (Predecessors): blocking people from access to the REAL Salaf which are the Four Schools of Law, and deviating them to the FAKE Salaf.
3. It means the wearing of an EYE BLINDER named Ibn Taymiyya “alone without partner” so as to misunderstand the faith-system from its foundations to its branches.
4. Wahhabism means the cutting off of the isnad (transmission chain); for they have no transmission chain from them to the Prophet — upon him blessings and peace — in that tariqa (path) of theirs.
5. Wahhabism means the loss of light from the faces.
6. Wahhabism means NO GOOD MANNERS with Allah,
7. NO GOOD MANNERS with the Messenger of Allah,
8. NO GOOD MANNERS with the Awliya of Allah.
9. Wahhabism means for you to be in FITNA (conflict) with the Muslims.
10. It means for you to be a source of SHIQAQ (division) wherever you are and wherever you travel to.
This then is Wahhabism. We ask Allah Most High to relent towards whoever became stuck in it.
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