About: Shaykhul-Islam Ahmad Zayni Dahlan al-Makki ash-Shafii

Sayyid Ahmad ibn Zayni Dahlan was of the eminent scholars of his time and the Shafi’i mufti of Makkah during the second half of the 13th century. He was born in 1231AH. He lived when the first printing press was established in Makkah, which resulted in a number of his works being printed. He wrote chiefly on fiqh and history. Aside from his writings, his major contribution to the madhhab came in the form of his numerous students, including Sayyid `Alawi ibn Ahmad al-Saqqaf, Sayyid Abu Bakr Shatta, Shaykh `Umar Ba Junayd, and Sayyid Husayn ibn Muhammad al-Hibshi. Some of the works published by the Sayyid include, 1- Sharhu Matn-il-Alfiyyah; (an explanation of the text of al-Alfiyyah in the Arabic language) 2- Tarikh-ud-Duwal-il-Islamiyyah bil-Jadawil-il Mardiyyah; (a history of the Islamic states) 3- Fath-ul-Jawad-il-Mannan ‘alal-‘Aqidat-il-Musammati bi Fayd-ir-Rahman fi Tajwid-il-Qur’an; (a summary of the tajwid rules of recitation of the Qur’an) 4- Khulasat-ul-Kalam fi Umara’-il-Balad-il-Haram; (the history of the rulers of Makkah) 5- Al-Futuhat-ul-Islamiyyah; (a history of the opening of the different countries by Muslims) 6- Tanbih-ul-Ghafilin, Mukhtasaru Minhaj-il-‘Abidin; (a summary exposing the good manners of the worshippers) 7- Ad-Durar-us-Saniyyah fir-Raddi ‘alal-Wahhabiyyah; (a treatise refuting the Wahhabiys) 8- Sharh-ul-Ajurrummiyyah; (an explanation of an Arabic grammar text) 9- Fitnat-ul-Wahhabiyyah; [this booklet] (a treatise of the tribulations inflicted by the Wahhabiyyah).

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