Al-`Aqidah An-Nasafiyyah

Al-`Aqidah An-Nasafiyyah   Al-`Aqidah An-Nasafiyyah  

The astute Hanafi scholar and authority of Hadith Abu Hafs Najmuddin `Umar Bin Ahmad Bin Luqman An-Nasafiyy (461AH-537AH) said:



The people of truth said: The realities of things exist firmly and knowing them– contrary[1] to what the Sophist[2] say– is established.

 The reasons of knowledge for the creations are three the sound senses, the truthful news and the mind. The senses are the hearing, the sight, the olfaction (smell), the taste and the touch. With each of these senses one encounters that which it was created for.[3]

 The truthful news is of two kinds: one of them is the confirmed news that is transmitted by Tawatur[4] by people whom the mind does not perceive their collaboration to tell a lie, and it establishes the necessary knowledge[5] such as the knowledge of the previous kings of the ancient times and the knowledge of the far countries. The second kind is the news of the Prophet which is supported by a miracle[6] and it establishes the indicative knowledge[7]. The confirmed knowledge of it is equivalent to the necessarily confirmed knowledge in certainty and confirmation and it is also a reason for knowledge.[8]

As to the mind[9] it is also a reason for knowledge. What is inherently confirmed of it is a necessary knowledge such as knowing that everything is larger than its part and what is indicatively confirmed of it is an acquired knowledge. To the people of truth inspiration[10] is not among the reasons that establish knowing the truthfulness of a certain thing.

The Universe with all its parts is created since it is composed of entities and qualities[11]. The entities are the things that have a standing of their own and they are either compounded such as the body or not compounded such as the  jawhar-atom which is the indivisible part[12]. The quality is the thing that does not have a standing of its own but rather exists in bodies and jawhar-atoms such as colors, manner of status (attached, detached, mobile, and immobile), tastes and odors.

The creator of the universe is Allah who is attributed by being One[13], without a beginning, Alive, Powerful, Knowledgeable, Hearing, Seeing, Willing. He is not a quality or a body or a jawhar-atom or pictured or limited or counted or has parts or composed of parts or ends at a limit. He is not attributed with a kind or resemblance to the creation or being established in a place or being subject to time. Nothing is like Him and nothing escapes His Knowledge and Power. He is attributed with Eternal and Everlasting Attributes[14] that are confirmed to Him. His Attributes are neither His Reality nor other than His Reality[15]. They are Knowledge, Power, Life, Quwwah-Power, Hearing, Sight, Will, Doing, Creating, Sustaining, and Speech. He Speaks with an Eternal and Everlasting Speech which is not of the kind of letters and sounds and it is an attribute that negates silence and defect. With it Allah Speaks, Orders, Prohibits and Informs.

 The Qur’an—the Speech of Allah the Exalted—is not created, it is written in our books of  Qur’an, retained in our hearts, recited with our tongues, heard with our ears and is not incarnated in them.

 Creating[16] is an Eternal and Everlasting Attribute of Allah and it entails creating the universe and every part of its parts at the time of their existence and, to us[17], it is other than what is created.

 The Will is an Eternal and Everlasting Attribute that is confirmed to Him. And seeing Allah the Exalted is permissible in the judgment of the mind and must occur as per the conveyed texts and the existent textual proofs establishing that the believers must see Allah the exalted in the Hereafter. Hence, He will be seen without a place or direction or facing or ray connection or a distance between the seer and Allah the Exalted.

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